Fereos + Associates Architects


Town Center Apartments

Category: APARTMENT BUILDINGS Design date: 2004
Location: Cyprus Completion date:

Found about half a kilometre outside Nicosia centre, on a left passing through Makariou Avenue, this design is very close to the town centre without losing its quite neighbourhood. It is a five stories building including 10 luxurious apartments each with 3 bedrooms minimum. Each floor is designed to accommodate two large apartments. The design skilfully ensures that apartments in each floor are completely independent between them without communicating walls. The bedrooms are found in the back of the building facing the east where a most secure faηade is acquired with small openings. Unlikely to the east, the west side of the building is shaped with big openings to give a better access to light and to the scenery through the living rooms. Big verandas and independent lofts with garden can be found on the roof. Gardens can also be found on the ground floor that is also used as a parking.